Melina May: Can't Wait To Fuck


Melina May


Curvy bombshell Melina May meets her online match for the first time. The two decided to meet in a public park. Upon setting their eyes at one another, their naughty minds start to go overdrive. Melina playfully teases her man until they both can't calm down their raging lust any longer. The casual meetup takes a sudden turn when the two decide to continue their getting-to-know each other stage inside a hotel. Melina May is a lady of few words. She lets her busty tits and thick ass do all the talking for her. The horny couple can't wait until they arrive at the hotel. The naughty babe quickly reaches for her man's cock while they are still inside the cab. She wants to let his man experience a sneak peek of what she has to offer. Melina playfully uses her lips and tongue to set the mood for her date. Upon entry inside their hotel room, the couple can't get their hands off each other. It only took Melina a few minutes to strip down to her undies. She lies on the table with her legs spread apart. She wants the lucky guy to see the full splendor of her pussy before offering it to him. The horny guy licks Melina's pierced pussy until it becomes soaking wet. He then shoves his cock inside her tight cunt with no hesitation. The lucky stud can feel Melina's pussy lips tight gripping around his shaft. He fucks the horny slut in missionary and doggystyle. The two horny beasts can't get enough of each other. They continue to fuck each other's brains out until the guy feels like he is about to cum. He lets Melina give his cock a blowjob and handjob before exploding his load all over Melina's open mouth.


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